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BodyLinx™ Magnetic Bracelets use strong powerful individual magnets that link together to create original, attractive and fun magnetic jewelry. No strings, clasps or connectors are necessary! You can take your bracelets apart and put them back together again. BodyLinx™ magnetic bracelets can also be used as anklets and can be combined to make magnetic necklaces.

Magnetic Bracelet - Silver convertible



Magnetic Bracelet - SG Convertible
SG Convertible Magnetic Bracelet


Unique magnetic bracelets by BodyLinx™
We fell in love with BodyLinx™ because the magnetic bracelets are so much fun to play with. Since we were kids, we've been intrigued by science and nature, so the magnetic force at work in BodyLinx™ completely captivated us. We were confident that people would enjoy the "playing with nature" part in addition to simply wearing a unique, attractive bracelet.

Create your own magnetic bracelet designs with our 125pc BodyLinx™ magnetic jewelry kit!

Unlimited Magnetic Bracelet Possibilities for under $40!
Become your own magnetic jewelry designer with our magnetic jewelry kits! These magnetic jewelry kits come with 125 separate magnets that you can use to create your own magnetic bracelets and more. Our magnetic jewelry kits are fun for the whole family. These kits were designed so that you can create your own bracelets, necklaces, chokers, anklets, and bangles. You can choose from either our silver & gold magnet kit or our silver & black magnet kit.

Magnetic Kits are Fun for Children!
Although these magnet kits should be kept away from very small children, these kits are endless fun for kids to play with. The magnet kits are unique and fun gifts. Kids and adults alike will have fun for hours making their own magnetic creations.
Design Your Own Magnetic Bracelets.

Look around you. You will be surprised to see how many items in your environment make awesome additions to your magnetic bracelet. Paperclips, ball bearings, buttons, bottle-caps and charms can make your BodyLinx™ magnetic bracelet an original and inspired work of art. Children have fun stacking the magnetic pieces together with other objects to create their own sculptures.

Magnetic Therapy
Magnets have been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to ease discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, carp0al tunnel, migraines, asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis, fibromyalgia and PMS* There are no studies that prove that magnets have healing powers. In fact we didn't create our magnetic jewelry for any form of magnet therapy, but we continue to get testimonials from our customers thanking us for the pain relief that they have received from our magnetic bracelets. It could just be a placebo effect, but the way we see it is that it may be worth spending $15 to see if the bracelet may help provide some relief to your pain. At worst you have an attractive bracelet that is fun to wear. At best maybe you will be one of our next happy customers that have their pain eased simply by wearing one of our bracelets.

"Dear Tom,
I want to take a moment and let you know how well your product works. I have had hundreds of patients in the past using all different kinds of magnet therapy. Most had little or no effect. Since discovering your product we have seen exceptional results with our patients. Primarily with carpal tunnel syndrome. However we have also had positive results with elbow and shoulder pains. My physical therapist even took a bracelet apart and fit it onto her ankle for a chronic pain she was having and it stopped her ankle pain.

Thanks for a great product."

Dr. D. A. McPearson
Director - McPearson Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.
Deer Park, Texas

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*This product is not being sold as a medical device or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. BodyLinx™ magnetic bracelets should not be worn if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker or other magnetic recording/ storage devices.

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